The Friends of Mickleover Meadows LNR and BrambleBrook Park

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               The Aims of FoMM

Records of the settlement that became the village of Mickleover (Mikel Urfa ) go back to Saxon times. Over the years its fortunes varied as wars came and went and its ownership passed from chieftain to chieftain, sometimes being given as a prize for assisting the Crown, then an inheritance, then once again being given as a prize etc.


In the 17th Century it was a rural community of about 400 people, but in the 19th Century it grew as it became the home of some of the richer owners of the industry that had been built up in Derby, this was due to the better roads and easier convenience of commuting. Growth was also affected by the building of the Pastures Hospital in 1850 and the arrival of the railway in the 1870s. Major growth started in the 1950s with planned housing estates and the current population is now about 18000.


The Friends of Mickleover Meadows Group was formed in May 2008 in order to preserve and enhance the old meadows in Mickleover, Derbyshire. Our activities can be grouped under 3 headings


A is for Awareness of the nature around us

C is for Conservation to retain and enhance our green spaces

E is for Education to learn more about the wonders that nature has to offer..


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